Observational Assessments

Of the different forms of assessment, observation provides the most in depth insights into a person's occupational capacity. It allows for organic identification of what the learner is doing well and what could be improved on. The key to observational assessment is having a systematic way of collecting and interpreting data. Observational assessment is useful … Continue reading Observational Assessments

The Do’s and Don’ts of Effective E-Learning Questions

Have you ever taken a test and came across a frustrating question that seemed impossible to answer? While this could be a sign you need to revisit course materials, it could also be the result of a poorly written assessment question. Confusing and misleading questions can frustrate learners AND skew learning analytics. However, writing effective … Continue reading The Do’s and Don’ts of Effective E-Learning Questions

Why Moodle Isn’t Really Free

When you hear “free,” you probably think, well, free. If I tell you that this soda, this popcorn, this television, this whatever – is free, you expect me to hand it over in exchange for nothing. What about software? We’ve all found free software out in the wilds of the Internet. We manage our email … Continue reading Why Moodle Isn’t Really Free

How to Assess Your Current Workforce?

When you work in HR or lead a department, you’re tasked with ensuring that your entire organization or department runs smoothly and efficiently. That’s a huge goal, and it’s clear that you need to break it down into more manageable pieces if you’re going to be effective. Assessing your current workforce is critical – how … Continue reading How to Assess Your Current Workforce?

EduBrite releases new version of Gilly 1.0

This major release brings following new features*: - Addition of surveys (You can use to get feedback from your team and / or organization) - Brand new easy-to-use rich text quiz editor (You can still use MS Word templates to create the tests and upload as before) - Integrated reports within Confluence - Addition of … Continue reading EduBrite releases new version of Gilly 1.0

EduBrite Assessment available in Google Apps EDU

EduBrite has added its Assessment product in EDU category of Google Apps Marketplace which is launched today.  EduBrite Assessment in Google Apps offers several benefits like Single Sign On with Google Apps, User Provisioning and OpenSocial gadget to deliver assessments and surveys inside iGoogle. Apps administrators can signup for the Assessment product from the product … Continue reading EduBrite Assessment available in Google Apps EDU

Online tests and assessment solution for agencies.

We released our proctoring agency and test center support for the Assessment and Certification solution. This would be of immense help to those who want to experience the huge benefits of conducting online testing and assessment as a SaaS model but at the same time want that extra security to ensure that all tests are taken fairly.