Collaborative and Social Learning

In last few years the buzzwords like learning or training, e-Learning, collaboration, human capital management, talent management, etc. have become very popular when it comes to the new trends in learning industry. To the most part these terms are used interchangeably and may mean the same thing which various learning and development (L&D) vendors, corporate … Continue reading Collaborative and Social Learning

Thinking about Learning Platform, Review your delivery needs

Trainings delivery methods can be as diverse as you can think of, such as self paced eLearning, instructor led (classroom/online), hands on experiments (online or offline), informal or combination of all. In this post let’s look at some common delivery characteristics you should consider when you look for a LMS. LMSs have different flavors and … Continue reading Thinking about Learning Platform, Review your delivery needs

Active Vs Passive Learning

How to you define active and passing learning and to that matter active or passive learners? Traditionally approach for the learning leaders, instructors or curriculum developers when designing the learning environment has been to think of the students mind as empty vessels or sponges which can be easily filled with knowledge and students were expected … Continue reading Active Vs Passive Learning

Why to measure learning effectiveness?

There is a famous management adage that “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Unless you can measure something, you don’t know how you are doing and if you are getting better or worse. Same is true for training organizations also when we need to measure learning effectiveness. Organizations maturity in terms of training their … Continue reading Why to measure learning effectiveness?

Role of training in employee development and retention

When hiring workforce, almost every organization looks for involved, committed, effective and productive employees.  But not every organization understands that you have to work to build your workforce for it and it requires lot of planning and commitment along with strategies and policies to go with it. Organizations who invest in building their workforce usually … Continue reading Role of training in employee development and retention