EduBrite 2016: A year in review

It was a great year for EduBrite. Many incredible things happened in 2016. Thanks for being part in this journey with us. 

We introduced Open Learning, a learner centric micro learning solution in 2016. EduBrite is one of the first one to offer this solution in the LMS industry. Open learning helps creating an engaging learning environment for your employees as well as external audience – customers, partners etc. You can setup a public facing Open Learning solution and leverage it to serve as a great tool for content marketing.

Users can create their own play list, follow, rate, comment. They can also social share the content with their peer group and claim mastery point in the subject area they are expert in. 

Open Learning is also a gateway for progressive learning. It directs users to register in course(s) to learn their topic of interest formally. So essentially you can offer an integrated experience to your learners.

In addition to Open Learning, we have added many new features, enhanced existing features, improved usability and added automation with key goals in mind to continue to improve the experience of our customers and their users. Here is a quick snapshot:

Gamification – You can create badges easily by uploading external images or use from the library. Enhanced leaderboard is available.
Instructor led training – New integration with New functions e.g. download sign-in sheet, manually generate invoices, edit amount, add discount, take notes, easy options to mark attendance and awarding completion.
Collaboration – Forum now offers features such as forum priority, assigning, sub forums etc. to provide light weight task/issue tracking capabilities.
Custom properties – User defined custom properties now can be added at various places e.g.  Group, Course, Course Session, Program, Event, Course Member, Program Member and Event Participants. This allows you to extend the LMS objects in a very flexible ways to capture your business specific information. 
Authoring – Many enhancements are added in test and course throughout the year. 
New Role – A new role group coordinator is added to offer additional flexibility in decentralizing the access and management of training operations. 
Reporting – Enhanced many reports e.g. learners report, program report, question statistics report etc. Added a new transcript summary report.
Confluence Integration – In addition to many new macros e.g. customizing dashboard, reports, leaderboard etc. now you can auto sync users and groups.

We make it easy for you

We make your experience easy by offering our integration with Atlassian Confluence, Salesforce, Yammer, Google etc. This allows users to access EduBrite LMS right from the Apps where they spend most of their time. Additionally, we have integrated with many wonderful applications so that you use best of breed applications and provide a great experience to your learners.


We have a pretty exciting 2017 ahead of us! One of our primary focuses will be to offer an even more engaging learning experience, so we have planned for several enhancements in Open Learning and Gamification. We understand that you want to offer ubiquitous learning, so expect more developments in our native iOS App and our recently released Android App.


Thanks for an amazing 2016. Happy Learning in 2017!

Enabling Collaborative and Social Learning through Enterprise Social Network

In my previous blog on collaborative and social learning, we discussed about the need for technology to evolve and be enabler to support the self-directed informal learning. Technology platforms such as social networks allow individuals to share their ideas, their innovations, get feedback, improve their products, collaborate and help foster new way of learning we call ‘social learning’. These collaborative networks allow anyone and everyone to share information and be a student, a mentor, a designer and publisher.

Taking the informal learning to next level are the Enterprise Social Networks, where employees collaborate with each other across all sorts of boundaries. There is no limitation of department, or business function or location. Employees can connect to the right people when they need it, can share information across teams or even organize around projects to be successful and go further, faster. This allows individuals to tap into their network and discover wealth of information which is not available via formal means, allowing them to make quick decisions and getting things done. With these benefits of social network at enterprise level, what if someone wants to give structure to the information as a content object or a course and share with their network? What if someone in the network has successfully deployed a product and there is need to transform that as an instructional video to help others? What if someone has shared information with the network and others have rated that individual as an expert and there is a need to capture that expertise level? What if the benefits of enterprise social network can be extended with an integration to learning management system allowing employees to insert the training content as a course making it part of their social DNA?

This allows enterprises to transform their social networks into learning communities. Employees can access and share the knowledge within the network they spend most of their time. It empowers subject matter experts to capture their knowledge into structure courses and share with their network without any need to worry about connecting or logging into another application or tool. Not only it allows blending the formal and informal approaches to learning, it also allows ability to track the completion of content and giving credits to individuals to view or access the information shared through these courses. Many social network and learning platform providers are taking step in this direction and are partnering to make this happen. One of the popular enterprise collaboration platform and social network is delivered by Yammer. Yammer is used by 85% of the fortune 500 companies and it provides growth platform for these organizations to listen to each other and adapt quickly. Edubrite is an LMS provider and they have an app for Yammer allowing anyone in Yammer network to start training and assessing their teams easily. This enables and extends the enterprise social networks to offer integrated LMS environment making it easy to transform the informal content into shareable courses and truly enabling collaborating and social learning. For more information on EduBrite Yammer Integration.

Author: Praveen Khurana

Praveen Khurana is a learning technology leader in learning management and human capital systems. He has 18+ years of experience in this industry and has consulted with and has implemented learning, talent and knowledge management systems for many fortune 500 companies.

Blended Learning – WebEx integration

We now have integration with WebEx. With this integration EduBrite LMS is supporting organization’s blended learning need quite comprehensively. Now organizations can create their training with the combination of self paced online learning lessons (asynchronous learning) and live remote training (synchronous learning) for their workforce, partners and customers. All activities related to WebEx (create WebEx sessions, start or join WebEx sessions) is managed right from EduBrite LMS.

You now get best of both worlds! Leverage popular and commonly used web conferencing tool and also organize all learning information in one place. Quite cool, isn’t it? Another cool add-on is EduBrite allows you to monetize WebEx session same way as selling your online courses. Additionally, trainers can use following LMS features to augment their ILT (Instructor Led Training) sessions:

  • Attendance
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Learner collaboration – Group Forum or Course Session Forum

We have launched WebEx integration feature in Q4, 2013. Initial setup needs to be done by LMS admin and will need key Ids from WebEx Account. For more details on Setup and how to use this feature, please refer our knowledgebase article.

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