What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is educational content broken down into smaller pieces of information in the form of text, images, audio, video, or other forms of multimedia. It is intended to break down large pieces of information into bite-sized pieces to better retain information. There has been a surge of microlearning discussions lately due to ever-shrinking attention spans, … Continue reading What is Microlearning?

How to Save Time With EduBrite’s Zoom Integration

VILT, or virtual instructor-led training, allows organizations to scale their training efforts and make instructor led sessions accessible to larger audiences.  As companies increasingly serve global audiences of employees, partners, or customers, the budget needed to host in-person training quickly outpaces its return on investment. That means many companies and training teams are taking advantage … Continue reading How to Save Time With EduBrite’s Zoom Integration

SCORM Quiz – Item Analysis issues & solution

SCORM is widely used in the eLearning community so I will not get into what it is, rather I will get straight into the fundamental issue it presents for a Learning Management System (LMS) from Quiz reporting perspective. This is based on my first hand experience while developing EduBrite LMS and having seen a variety … Continue reading SCORM Quiz – Item Analysis issues & solution

New Features Timeline – 2014

  2014 is behind us and it was an year in which we continued our platform growth. EduBrite LMS grew by direct feedback from very engaged customers. We kept our eyes and ears open to see and listen to their genuine needs rather than what some experts may be saying. Let's look at our important … Continue reading New Features Timeline – 2014

EduBrite LMS features administrators appreciate – Part 2

Continue from part 1 In Part 2 of this series, we will be discussing features related to learning resources such as courses, quizzes/assessments  and managing dashboard. iv. Course authoring Administrators like EduBrite’s online course editor, as it provides them simple and flexible hierarchical course structure so that they can group multiple lessons (content) into logical … Continue reading EduBrite LMS features administrators appreciate – Part 2

EduBrite LMS features administrators appreciate – Part 1

I continuously interact with many LMS administrators who are using EduBrite LMS. Some are using to train internal employees while others have broader usage. They are not only responsible for internal training but also responsible for running online learning center for external audience such as partners and customers. We really enjoy working with LMS administrators … Continue reading EduBrite LMS features administrators appreciate – Part 1

Blended Learning – WebEx integration

We now have integration with WebEx. With this integration EduBrite LMS is supporting organization's blended learning need quite comprehensively. Now organizations can create their training with the combination of self paced online learning lessons (asynchronous learning) and live remote training (synchronous learning) for their workforce, partners and customers. All activities related to WebEx (create WebEx … Continue reading Blended Learning – WebEx integration