Ownership of Courses and Tests

This week we are describing Test and Course Ownership concept in detail. which is quite handy in situations where multiple users need to be able to edit the course or test. Owner of a test or course is someone who has all the rights to manage it and assign a new owner. Managing implies editing, … Continue reading Ownership of Courses and Tests

Collecting Feedback from Users

Tips about how EduBrite can help you collect valuable feedback from your trainees or all users of your microsite. EduBrite supports two ways to collect feedback - Polls and Surveys. Polls - Polls provide a way to collect quick opinions from a targeted set of users. A poll generally has one or two multiple choice … Continue reading Collecting Feedback from Users

Enforcing Access contd..

Last week we shared some tips about restricting access to course or specific modules/topics in a course. This week we are continuing on the same topic and sharing some more tips which will allow you to get even more flexibility while setting up the course session for your courses. Allowing access to course session for … Continue reading Enforcing Access contd..

Enforcing Access Time

On many occasions, you may come across a need to setup users who can access the site or courses only for certain number of days. This week we are sharing several tips to help you fine tune settings as per these requirements. User’s start and end date: Every user in microsite can be assigned an … Continue reading Enforcing Access Time

Collecting Open Responses from Trainees

This tip guides about how to collect open (descriptive) responses from your trainees. Open responses may be needed as part of an exam or as part of regular trainings where trainees need to submit some kind of report or document. Essay Type Questions: In quizzes you can add essay type questions along with other types … Continue reading Collecting Open Responses from Trainees

Open Enrollments

This tip helps to create an open environment for learning within your organizations. An open learning environment will help you share the knowledge within your organization which can be effectively tracked without incurring excessive administrative cost to manage the trainings and enrollments. Site Memberships: you can enable self enrollment in your microsite which will allow … Continue reading Open Enrollments

Content authoring tips

Objective : As a customer you get most out of EduBrite platform. Course content:  All content which you upload in lessons, gets converted to an intermediate PDF format (unless you upload the PDF directly). This conversion from Word / Powerpoint to PDF sometimes does not match the original content (when done automatically by EduBrite) in … Continue reading Content authoring tips

Certification Courses

Certificate can be accessed by the trainee as well as administrator. You would need this very often in compliance trainings. While creating the course, make sure to enable the Auto Award flag. You can do this from course editor by opening the Properties tab. Add few lessons in course and make atleast some of them … Continue reading Certification Courses