Observational Assessments

Of the different forms of assessment, observation provides the most in depth insights into a person's occupational capacity. It allows for organic identification of what the learner is doing well and what could be improved on. The key to observational assessment is having a systematic way of collecting and interpreting data. Observational assessment is useful … Continue reading Observational Assessments

A Quick Guide to Open Badges

What is an Open Badge? Open Badges are connected, verifiable digital credentials represented by an image file that is shareable across the web. A “backpack” of earned badges showcase a more detailed picture of a person than a CV or résumé.  It’s a constantly evolving picture of a person’s lifelong learning and expanding skill set.  … Continue reading A Quick Guide to Open Badges

Test Authoring and Delivery – EduBrite Education Webinar

In last week's webinar, we discussed about test authoring and delivery. In this webinar covered various how quizzes/tests or surveys can be created using EduBrite's WISYWIG test editor? Thanks to all participants who were able to join us. We discussed following items in detail: Questions formats - Multiple choice, Fill in the blank, Yes/No, Essay, Grid … Continue reading Test Authoring and Delivery – EduBrite Education Webinar

EduBrite LMS Microsite administration

Microsite administration was the topic of last week's webinar. In this webinar covered most common activities a LMS administrator typically performs. Thanks to all participants who were able to join us. We discussed following items: User Management : User Creation (individual, bulk), User roles, User assignment to group(s) Group Management : Group Creation, Type of Groups (open, private, … Continue reading EduBrite LMS Microsite administration

EduBrite Assessment available in Google Apps EDU

EduBrite has added its Assessment product in EDU category of Google Apps Marketplace which is launched today.  EduBrite Assessment in Google Apps offers several benefits like Single Sign On with Google Apps, User Provisioning and OpenSocial gadget to deliver assessments and surveys inside iGoogle. Apps administrators can signup for the Assessment product from the product … Continue reading EduBrite Assessment available in Google Apps EDU

Gilly 0.91 – Exam Subscription

New version of Gilly 0.91 is available, it is compatible with Confluence 3.4 (which was released in Oct) and also adds a new feature to allow subscription to exams from confluence which was requested by few users who used 0.91 In previous version of Gilly, confluence admin was required to subscribe the users to the … Continue reading Gilly 0.91 – Exam Subscription

Online tests and assessment solution for agencies.

We released our proctoring agency and test center support for the Assessment and Certification solution. This would be of immense help to those who want to experience the huge benefits of conducting online testing and assessment as a SaaS model but at the same time want that extra security to ensure that all tests are taken fairly.