Test Authoring and Delivery – EduBrite Education Webinar

In last week’s webinar, we discussed about test authoring and delivery. In this webinar covered various how quizzes/tests or surveys can be created using EduBrite’s WISYWIG test editor? Thanks to all participants who were able to join us. We discussed following items in detail:

  • Questions formats – Multiple choice, Fill in the blank, Yes/No, Essay, Grid Type etc.
  • Various Test properties including
    • Create question bank
    • Re-using questions from existing tests
    • Inserting images, audio, video
    • Inserting mathematical and Scientific symbols
    • Gradient scoring, negative marking
    • Adding passage, solution
    • Adding metadata at question or test level
    • Randomize questions, choices
    • Competency-based test, exams
    • Various UI options
    • Categorizing questions into sections
    • Limiting time based on sections
    • Essay evaluation
    • Random selection of questions from question bank
  • Test delivery : informal (Practice tests); Formal inside an exam, exam management. Quizzes inside the course were covered in previous course authoring and course delivery webinars.
  • Proctored Exam
  • Multi Source feedback (360 degree feedback)

Recording of the session is now available at Webinar Channel in EduBrite Support portal. We will announce next round of webinar soon. Stay tuned.

EduBrite LMS Microsite administration

Microsite administration was the topic of last week’s webinar. In this webinar covered most common activities a LMS administrator typically performs. Thanks to all participants who were able to join us. We discussed following items:

  • User Management : User Creation (individual, bulk), User roles, User assignment to group(s)
  • Group Management : Group Creation, Type of Groups (open, private, etc.), group roles, group settings, collaboration
  • Site administration : Configure features, security, menu, metadata, payment integration
  • Others : E-mail settings, proxy login

Recording of the session is now available at Webinar Channel in EduBrite Support portal.

Our next webinar “Test Authoring and Delivery” is on Wednesday Sep 24 at 10 am pacific (UTC-7). In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Test / Survey creation
  • Questions formats – Multiple choice, Fill in the blank, Yes/No, Essay, Grid Type etc.
  • Test properties : Basic and advance
  • Test delivery : informal (Practice tests); Formal inside course or as an exam
  • Reporting

Register here for next webinar. From last week online webinars are being delivered directly from EduBrite LMS. For more details on how to register and join, watch a mini video?

EduBrite Assessment available in Google Apps EDU

EduBrite has added its Assessment product in EDU category of Google Apps Marketplace which is launched today.  EduBrite Assessment in Google Apps offers several benefits like Single Sign On with Google Apps, User Provisioning and OpenSocial gadget to deliver assessments and surveys inside iGoogle. Apps administrators can signup for the Assessment product from the product listing page in the apps marketplace and create an EduBrite microsite for their domain.

Administrators can easily setup all their domain users in microsite and start assessing the users who could be students in schools and colleges or professionals taking trainings in corporates. With OpenSocial gadget, users of the iGoogle can access all features of EduBrite Assessment without leaving their iGoogle page. EduBrite Assessment offers several ways to deliver the assessments like practice tests, quizzes, scheduled exams, assignments, surveys & peer reviews. It also provides authoring tools for creating the tests and surveys online.

Learn more about EduBrite Assessment for Google Apps

Gilly 0.91 – Exam Subscription

New version of Gilly 0.91 is available, it is compatible with Confluence 3.4 (which was released in Oct) and also adds a new feature to allow subscription to exams from confluence which was requested by few users who used 0.91

In previous version of Gilly, confluence admin was required to subscribe the users to the exams in CBT micrsoite, but now confluence users can do it themselves (if exam is configured to allow free subscription). A new menu item Available Exams is also added in the Dashboard and Browse menu to view available exams which can be subscribed. This is going to help the use cases where you will setup few exams upfront for your employees and they can take the exams anytime they want. Administrators get notified when someone takes the test in exam. for more information check the Gilly page

Subscribe to Exams from Confluence

Proctoring agency support in EduBrite Assessment Solution

This weekend we released our proctoring agency and test center support for the Assessment and Certification solution. This would be of immense help to those who want to experience the huge benefits of conducting online testing and assessment as a SaaS model but at the same time want that extra security to ensure that all tests are taken fairly.

The use of the proctoring agency feature is extremely simple. EduBrite sets up the information regarding the proctoring agency and its test centers in consultation with the company or institute who wants to conduct their assessment. While setting up the exam, one or more test centers from the available list can be designated for this purpose. Test center administrators would need to unlock using their username and password for a candidate to take the test.

List of assessments

Online tests and assessments via wiki

Gilly is our first plugin app to allow integrated delivery of LMS functions via  Atlassian Confluence. The first release enables delivery of online tests and assessment exams via wiki. Users of confluence don’t have to leave the application to take the exams and tests. Gilly adds test taking interfaces in the confluence environment. Several ways of tests delivery is possible – informal practice tests for unlimited practice, assignments, online exams.

More details on Gilly can be found here

Gilly can be used by corporate and academic users to use wiki installations as light weight LMS. Future version of Gilly will enable more EduBrite LMS features like course delivery and tracking.


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