DevLearn 2019 Recap

Jeff Olsen from MaritzCX and Manish Gupta from EduBrite

The EduBrite team had a fantastic time with the Customer Education and Training Professionals at this year’s DevLearn.  We celebrated the launch of SuccessX and highlighted some of our early adopters.  

Terry Lyons from VMware and Manish Gupta from the EduBrite team joined forces to present to conference attendees from the Strategic Solutions Stage at DevLearn.  Terry and his team are early adopters of SuccessX by EduBrite and on stage he shared how SuccessX is helping them increase product adoption by building an integrated and connected learning experience.

Kelly Booz and Manish Gupta

We earned a few new EduBrite fans at DevLearn as well, including Kelly Booz from AFT.  She was the lucky winner of one of our raffle giveaways. Kelly went home with a Quadcopter Drone ready for adventure.     

Terry Lyons from VMWare at DemoFest

One of the most fun events each year at DevLearn is an event called DemoFest.  Conference attendees move from table to table as they make their way through the collective showcase of eLearning examples from conference participants.  Terry showcased the VMware Learning Zone powered by SuccessX and finished the evening with a captive audience!   

The EduBrite Team

We had a great time at this year’s conference and we look forward to our return to DevLearn 2020!

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