EduBrite LMS Microsite administration

Microsite administration was the topic of last week’s webinar. In this webinar covered most common activities a LMS administrator typically performs. Thanks to all participants who were able to join us. We discussed following items:

  • User Management : User Creation (individual, bulk), User roles, User assignment to group(s)
  • Group Management : Group Creation, Type of Groups (open, private, etc.), group roles, group settings, collaboration
  • Site administration : Configure features, security, menu, metadata, payment integration
  • Others : E-mail settings, proxy login

Recording of the session is now available at Webinar Channel in EduBrite Support portal.

Our next webinar “Test Authoring and Delivery” is on Wednesday Sep 24 at 10 am pacific (UTC-7). In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Test / Survey creation
  • Questions formats – Multiple choice, Fill in the blank, Yes/No, Essay, Grid Type etc.
  • Test properties : Basic and advance
  • Test delivery : informal (Practice tests); Formal inside course or as an exam
  • Reporting

Register here for next webinar. From last week online webinars are being delivered directly from EduBrite LMS. For more details on how to register and join, watch a mini video?

About Manish Gupta
Manish is a very strong IT leader who consistently and reliably delivers complex yet flexible solutions for key business initiatives. He is a leader who applies vision to planning, discipline to deliverables and recognition to high-performing teams. Manish is very well respected by peers and staff alike and has earned the reputation as a leader who can turnaround failing projects, invigorate dispirited teams and refocus disparate efforts to deliver for the business when timeframes are tight and quality must not be compromised.

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