LMS Reporting – EduBrite Education Webinar

This week’s webinar covered LMS reporting topic. Thanks to all participants who were able to join us. We discussed following items:

  • Reporting menu
  • LMS usage reports – course sessions, usage metrics
  • Learners report
  • Assessment :  test attempts; test scores, question/survey stats
  • Lessons report
  • SCORM report
  • Statistical reports
  • Ecommerce : Payment transactions, coupon codes
  • E-mail notifications

Recording of the session is now available at Webinar Channel in EduBrite Support portal.

Our next webinar “Micro-site administration” is on Wednesday Sep 17 at 10 am pacific (UTC-7). In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Users Management : User Creation (individual, bulk), User roles, User assignment to group(s)
  • Groups Management : Group Creation, Type of Groups (open, by request, private, etc.), group roles, group settings, collaboration
  • Site administration : Configure features, security, user interface, metadata
  • Misc : E-mail settings, Coupon, Payment integration, UI high level

Register here for next webinar


About Manish Gupta
Manish is a very strong IT leader who consistently and reliably delivers complex yet flexible solutions for key business initiatives. He is a leader who applies vision to planning, discipline to deliverables and recognition to high-performing teams. Manish is very well respected by peers and staff alike and has earned the reputation as a leader who can turnaround failing projects, invigorate dispirited teams and refocus disparate efforts to deliver for the business when timeframes are tight and quality must not be compromised.

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